Be Ingredients • Local Raw Wildflower Honey


Be Ingredients honey is raw, unpasteurized wildflower honey from flowers such as blackberries, dandelions, goldenrod, buttercups, clovers, maple and cottonwood trees, ivy, Himalayan Balsam and so much more. Every batch is different and every season the honey changes depending on the weather and the nectar flows.

Be Ingredients are a family-owned business located on the MacInnes Farm in the Glen Valley region of Langley BC. They focus on providing quality foods while building a community around locally grown produce. Be Ingredients believes we are what we eat, and the choices we make can have a positive impact on your feeling of well being, as well as the local environment. 

Be Ingredients farms in a permaculture style, using the natural topography, pond, streams and forests to create natural sections on the farm to cultivate 5 products: Barley, Hops, Apples, Hazelnuts and Honey. They do not use pesticides or herbicides to promote an optimum environment for pollinators and their 50 honeybee colonies.  

Be Ingredients is crazy about pollinators and in partnership with (The Honest To Goodness Farm Co.) are starting a pollinator Sanctuary on 72nd Ave and 248th street in Langley that will help educate the public about the importance of all pollinators. Be Ingredients is home to 50+ colonies of honey bees and they focus on overall honey bee health. 

Ordering Information: Orders must be placed at least a day in advance - Please wait until you receive a ‘Pickup Confirmation' notification before coming to pick up your order